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“Australia Day” the Aussie way with Prawns on the Barbie!

G’day everyone!

Put aside the T-bone, lambs cutlets, sausages and chicken and let’s celebrate “Australia Day” the Aussie way with Prawns on the Barbie!

I grew up learning the tools of the trade at an early age. But aside from measuring, quoting, and fitting those bench tops; I’m a traditional Aussie with the love of my red, white and blue tucker. I find the enjoyment through sharing my recipes with fellow friends and family. So let the ladies sit down and relax, and let the blokes do what they do best… Stand around the barbeque—one to cook, the other to chat, and the third to grab the next beers once the last ones look empty. So here’s how to enjoy the fair dinkum Aussie tucker this Australia Day with my famous BBQ prawns…

Ivan’s BBQ Prawns

Level of Difficulty: Easy!
Duration: 30min
Marinate: 20 min
Quick BBQ cook: 7 min


1kg 12 to 24 Prawns (depending on variety)
30mls Olive oil
15gms Fresh Chilli
20gms Garlic
20gms Ginger
½ bunch Chives
20mls Lemon Juice
5gms Paprika
Salt and White pepper.
Chopped fresh coriander for garnish.


1. Peel all the prawns leaving the head and tail on. Devein and lightly rinse under cold water.
2. Finely chop the garlic, chilli, ginger and chives and place in a large mixing bowl.
3. Combine the rest of the ingredients along with the prawns and mix well.
4. Let the prawns marinate for a minimum of 20 mins.
5. Have the plate side of the BBQ on a high heat until smoking, place a little oil on plate, spread the prawns evenly onto plate, allow to cook for 4 mins.
6. Turn the prawns, close the lid and continue for 3 mins
7. Remove onto platter and garnish with coriander.

Unleash the inner chef in you & Bon appetite!

Hoo roo to you to, from the Prawn Guru

Ivan Gomizel

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