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Renovating, Renting, and Reconstitute

September 24th, 2014

Investment properties are becoming ever more common in today’s society. Having said that, in order to maximise greater value, kitchen bench tops are highly regarded as the most favoritized feature. When it comes to finding a sustainable material for bench tops, reconstituted stone is the finest, most durable and practical surface for investment and domestic home purposes. We offer a wide spread  range of colours from a variety of stone suppliers, including: Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Smart Stone and Essastone. Whether your renovating to rent, or building to rent The Marble and Granite Fitters Cairns team are here to guide you each step of the way.


September 15th, 2014

Quantum Quartz Everest is an engineered quartz based stone. Everest has a unique cream base colour and a combination of clear and warm tone aggregates. It is the ideal accompaniment for any project, and works well with wooden features. This particular stone is best suited with neutral palettes, and can be seen in any modern day living space.

Available in 20 and 30mm thickness with a slab size of 3040 x 1440. Contains more than 93% natural quartz, 7% combined bonding agent, special additives and pigments, making it an extremely hard wearing, practical and highly versatile surface for any project, and is backed by a 10 year Limited Warranty.
Drop by our office and pick up a sample…

Unveiling Caesarstone Marble Inspired Calacatta Classic™ Design

February 14th, 2014


Caesarstone is extremely proud to announce that the much anticipated 5131 Calacatta Classic™ will join our existing Supernatural designs within the Classico™ Collection from July 2014.

As Caesarstone’s interpretation of natural Calacatta marble, Calacatta Classic™ brings wide, elegant, cascading, grey veins on a light grey base.

Calacatta Classic™ makes an unforgettable impression and enhances any interior with a touch of high-end indulgence. This latest design from Caesarstone offers the look of luxurious natural stone with the durability and ease of maintenance that Caesarstone quartz surfaces are renowned for.

Available in 20mm thickness, Calacatta Classic™ is perfect for kitchen bench tops and splashbacks while its luxurious design also make it ideal for kitchen feature islands. Calacatta Classic™ is especially suited to commercial applications in hotels, restaurants, bars and retail interiors.

Yes we do stone drainer grooves

November 28th, 2013

Bathroom surfaces from Caesarstone®

November 27th, 2013

Caesarstone® now brings fresh ideas and new levels of luxury, timeless elegance and functionality to the bathroom.

The recent introduction of six 13mm slab thickness options into the Classico Collection, including four of the popular selling marble inspired Supernatural designs now enable Caesarstone® slabs to be used in vertical applications such as bathroom wall panels.

Caesarstone® surfaces are not only perfect for bathroom and shower wall panels but also vanities, bath surrounds, inset shelving, shower recesses and window sills. Caesarstone’s surfaces offer endless design possibilities to create different bathroom styles.

Our surfaces are non-porous, durable and resistant to stains, scratches, common household chemicals, mould and mildew making them ideal for wet areas delivering minimal maintenance to keep surfaces looking like new for years to come.

The large floor to ceiling panel size options allow for less joins, and especially allow the creation of clean minimal modern spaces.

Frosty Carrina™ 5141,LondonGrey™ 5000, 

Dreamy Marfil™ 5220,Piatra Grey™ 5003,

Snow™ 2141 & Shitake™4230



Caesarstone Motivo® ideal for commercial spaces

November 22nd, 2013



The unique tactile quality and stylish design combined with the strength and durability of quartz has made Caesarstone’s Motivo patterned texture surfaces a popular choice for vertical wall panels and horizontal application in bars, clubs, restaurants and other commercial spaces wanting to add that WOW factor without compromising on practicality.

Available in both Lace and Crocodile textured motifs, the Motivo collection makes a bold aesthetic statement while at the same time offering a stain and scratch resistant work surface suitable for even the busiest bars, clubs and wet areas.

Motivo surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, never require sealing and are virtually non-porous while the large panel sizes minimize joins and grout lines to create a seamless, high-quality finish perfect for high-end spaces over alternatives such as ceramic tiles and wallpaper.

The contrasting raised polished pattern and matte backdrop elegantly captures and diffuses light to create a dynamic look which is ideal for bench tops, splashbacks, wall paneling, entrance foyers, feature panels and custom-made furniture.

Motivo is available in 2 standard designs including:

  • Lace – An intricate, floral pattern with elegant & delicate detail. This versatile design is available in the popular shade of Snow and will suit many applications.
  • Crocodile - A sophisticated & bold pattern that will add understated glamour to any project. Crocodile is highly tactile and will add depth, intrigue and mood to any design. Available in both Snow and Jet Black.

These stunning, modern surfaces can be used as a standalone feature or incorporated into the textural layering of a range of beautiful materials and patterns.

As with all Caesarstone surfaces, Motivo® is backed with a 10 Year Limited Warranty. 

Thank you Jo and Ivan Gomizel

November 8th, 2013


- as well as the team from ‘The Granite and Marble Fitters Cairns’ – for choosing Chris and myself to win a Caesarstone kitchen bench. Having heard your advertisement on the radio buy chance and not knowing of your company’s existence we thought we would enter the competition giving it our best shot. From meeting you both for the first time we have found you very easy to work with and would recommend the business to others.

As we said in our contest entry, we had our heart set on White Shimmer and we are so happy with how wonderful it looks.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was to finally banish the old kitchen bench – the makeshift internal door sitting on top of 2 x work bench horses with a hole cut out for the sink!

Michelle Kottnig

Caesarstone Online Visualiser App

November 1st, 2013

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest levels of service and convenience for our customers, Caesarstone is delighted to announce the launch of a new online Visualiser app which makes designing your dream with Caesarstone even easier.

The online Visualiser app offers a photorealistic representation of a kitchen, bathroom or commercial space which can be customised with a colour palette of your choice from the Caesarstone range.

This allows you to simply and conveniently convey different design styles and refine colour choices together with your clients with immediate results and feedback.

Together with the entire Caesarstone colour range, the Visualiser app also lets you select flooring materials, wall colours and even cabinet styles to accurately depict the overall tone and feel of your colour selection with a visual design mock up.

From there, you can save your selection, share it with friends and clients, or see a summary of the design options you have chosen.

The Visualiser app is available to try now on the Caesarstone web site for best results we recommend using a desktop, laptop or tablet device.

BSA Contractor Licence Class Stone Masonry

September 19th, 2013

The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns is here to assist you and serving you is of the upmost importance to us always.

We understand the importance of consistent quality and reliability within a competitive industry, and are more than happy to provide you with information and stone sample/s. We invite you to contact us anytime with any questions so that we can assist you customise and co-ordinate your home or project.

Caesarstone® Warranty Registrations Now Online Only

September 16th, 2013

To improve our level of customer service and provide a more hassle-free experience, Caesarstone is pleased to announce that Warranty Registrations are now available to complete exclusively online via the Caesarstone web site.

Here is the link to view the Caesarstone Online Warranty Registration Form

By completing the quick and simple online warranty registration form, customers will also be able to receive their complimentary Caesarstone Cleaning Kit earlier than before and have the peace of mind knowing that their 10 Year Limited Warranty information is on file should any issues arise.

While hard copy Caesarstone Warranty Registration forms will no longer be distributed, Caesarstone will continue to accept hard copy registrations for a further 12 months and the warranty document is still available to download via the Caesarstone web site.

The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns P/L is here to assist you and serving you is of the up most importance to us always.

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