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We are The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns and we’ve been established since 2005.


About Us

We are The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns and we’ve been established since 2005. 

Our operation consists of Ivan and Jo Gomizel as the Managing Directors and in 2019 the main overseer of our management for all projects is our daughter and son-in-law, Kalara Quabba and Rhys Quabba.

All our clients will have the opportunity to meet with our team when you visit our office for your first initial meeting at The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns and well throughout your project.

Leading the industry of stonemasonry, we are inspired by all types of stone. The amount of work that is carried out by our team to delivering magnificent results for our clients.
We have an impressive portfolio from our humble beginnings to today, which is a testament to our long-lasting client relationships and ability to exceed expectations for new and existing clients.
Mission Statement

With our unique team of stone masons working with energy, pride and passion we cater for all applications in commercial and residential projects.

We understand the importance of consistent quality and reliability within a competitive industry and are more than happy to provide you with information.

In addition, our company draws on a wealth of industry knowledge spanning over 30 years, which has allowed us to develop a strong network of relationships with key players in the construction industry across North Queensland.


Helping designers, homeowners, and renovators from concept to completion through the use of premium stone surfaces.


Making your vision become your reality.

Quality That’s

Set-In Stone

The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns have a strong reputation for our craftsmanship and we ensure that our customers’ expectations are fulfilled by our dedication to providing superior service.
Our family business is a locally owned company and we are located at 12 Redden Street, Portsmith. We’re dedicated to servicing the specialised need for stonemasons within the domestic, residential and commercial building sectors.


Committed in heart and mind.


What we do, we do well.


The fuel for improving the outcome of the business

Have Fun

We don’t believe fun at work takes away from productivity—we believe it increases it!

Leading the
Stonemasonry Trade

At The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns, we are an equal opportunity employer and we have a strong reputation for craftsmanship and services in marble, granite, and engineered stone.

Our stonemasons are hand-picked for their experience and technical capabilities enabling us to consistently offer superior workmanship for our clients and educate in this trade for apprentices.

Until you spend a day learning stonemasonry, you’d possibly never given much thought to the fact that walls are flat. But after a few hours in a boiler suit and safety goggles, hacking incompetently at a block of Portland limestone, the flatness of walls – especially stone ones, in churches and stately homes and suchlike – suddenly struck new apprentices to this industry as completely astonishing.
Consider three facts:
Stone comes out of the ground in massive, irregular, knobbly hunks.
By the time it ends up as part of a wall, it’s almost perfectly flat.
Most of those walls were built long before the invention of enormous motorised buzz saws that slice cleanly through the stone in minutes. Instead, that flatness was achieved by masons chipping away, precisely and patiently, with chisels and mallets.
If you ever think about the art of stonemasonry at all, you probably think of intricate carvings, elegant columns, or gargoyles. Yet those vast expanses of flatness are amazing. You don’t tend to notice them – but to make them unnoticeable takes a great deal of skill.
Article, Life & Style – The Guardian

The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns are always on the lookout for young, energetic and driven individuals to become future Stonemasons with Cairns’ leading provider.

Over the years our Qualified Stonemasons have skilfully finished their accreditations through TAFE, Queensland based in Brisbane.

The course is a 4-year apprenticeship and involves a 4-week on-site workshop in Brisbane each year to continue their per-year rankings.

Tafe Queensland and The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns work closely together to determine the correct study criteria and courses based on knowledge, hands-on practice and class theory. We continue to drive the industry in trade qualified stonemasonry.